About Us

The people behind Spikecap

The innovators behind Spikecap are a crowd of ordinary men and women who have all suffered from hair loss. After testing several methods and preparations, with different results or no results, it was clear to make different translations of techniques and medical products that almost all had the same goal, “to increase blood flow in the scalp”. Many actors also manage to hide behind difficult formulas and secret ingredients to create some form of medical credibility and be able to charge an unreasonable amount.

Together we started using a collaboration with an international dermatologist who had extensive experience of both female and male hair loss. The goal was to develop an affordable and simple solution that really worked against hair loss and that could also compete against the big giants. The best result is we to slut through and a single simple acupressure solution that, like the famous nail mat, was based on knowledge of how to control blood flow to specific parts of the body. Spikecap is completely free of chemical preparations and side effects and all production and distribution is located in Sweden. After a great international interest will buy a product, in the near future, also to use that is available in the international market.

Pins of Sweden AB

SpikeCap ​​is a Swedish and trademarked product
which is owned and distributed by Pins of Sweden AB