How does Spikecap work?
Through the needle mat on Spikecap’s inside, which is gently pressed down towards the head, blood flow to the scalp increases. The blood provides the hair follicles with nutrition that stimulates the growth of the roots and increases the quality of the hair. Recommended use is between 15-30 minutes per day. A visible effect is achieved after about 8-10 weeks of continuous use. To achieve the best results, Spikecap should be used regularly. The treatment can be started and interrupted as desired.
Is it possible to use Spikecap for preventive purposes?
The earlier you start using spikecap, the more chance you have of preventing future hair loss. Increasing the blood flow to the head makes the hair cells stronger and healthier.
What should I consider to achieve the best result?
A continuous use (about 20-30 minutes) every day is a prerequisite for achieving results. We give no medical advice. Consult your doctor before using SpikeCap if you think you have any form of disease that may be adversely affected by increased blood flow to the scalp / scalp.
Are there any known side effects of using spikecap?
No, Spikecap is completely free from side effects and can be used by both men and women of all ages.
Who gets the best result by using the Spikecap?
Women and men of all ages who want to improve their hair quality and slow down an onset of hair loss.
How long do you need to use the spike cap before one can expect any results?
To obtain results a continuous use is required, every day for about 20-30 minutes, in at least three consecutive months.
Does it hurt to use Spikecap?
It can possibly sting a little at first in the scalp when you put your spikecap on. The plastic spikes are pointed to create an acupressure effect.
Does Spikecap fit my head? Are there different sizes?
Spikecap’s design and its elastic material are designed to fit most main shapes and are therefore only available in one size.
I have lost all my hair, can spikecap help me regain my hair?
Dead hair cells cannot be revived. Spikecap works when hair roots are left and can resume an increased nutritional intake (so even if the hair is barely visible). How far the hair loss progresses or where in the cycle the hair is located can be difficult to assess, but with functioning blood flow to the scalp, the chances of regrowth increase considerably.
Does Spikecap work for both men and women?
Spikecap works for both men and women.