Is a hair transplant right for me?

Most people who experience hair loss have a hard time not being adversely affected by it.

For many, hair is a big part of the look, whose loss can challenge even the best self-confidence. Talking openly about the problem has previously been difficult, but over the last ten years, acceptance for various beauty interventions has increased and hair transplants have followed in the same vein.

There are now many clinics that offer hair transplant and almost all of them claim to be both the cheapest and the best. Some companies offer trips to hot and remote places where labor and healthcare are cheaper, all to attract patients.

Will everyone be happy with the result?

Far from everyone reaches the desired result. Therefore, before deciding to perform an intervention, one should have thought through their decision and It is important to make a proper evaluation of the different clinics before deciding. It is particularly important to meet for a consultation, preferably with the doctor who will perform the operation, but also find out how the clinic handles dissatisfied clients if the result is not as the client has been promised (many transplants do not look completely natural and at the same time are not 100 % risk-free procedures). 

So before you decide to take the step fully and do an operation, you should first try a non-surgical alternative first.

Increased blood circulation to the scalp

A good and affordable alternative is Spikecap Of Sweden. This headgear, with its small nails directed at the scalp, increases the blood flow to the scalp and creates the best conditions for the nutritional uptake of the hair roots.

In addition, Spikecap of Sweden is completely free of chemicals and does not risk affecting the natural pH value of the scalp and thereby aggravate the situation.

You find more information about Spikecap of Sweden here

Good luck.